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Electric Chargers

Bulldozer 410D
Bulldozer 410D Stock# 00230
A Battery Operated Electric Fence Charger
Bulldozer Dynamite H Jr.
Bulldozer Dynamite H Jr. Stock# 00240
A 115 Volt DC Fence Charger
Shox Stock B Jr.
Shox Stock B Jr. Stock# 00230
Powers up to 10 miles of Fence
image unavailable
Shox Stok D 8 Stock# D-8
Powers up to 4 miles of Fence
Shox Stok D100
Shox Stok D100 Stock# D-100
Battery Operated Fence Charger
Shox Stok PH-1
Shox Stok PH-1 Stock# 00220
A Direct Current Electric Fence Charger

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